The Global Pain Initiative™ is a 501(c)(3), Not-For-Profit organization.

Pain is the number one reason people go to a doctor.  According to the National Institutes of Medicine, in the United States alone, chronic pain affects 100 million adults – that is more people than Heart Disease, Cancer and Diabetes combined.

The Foundation believes that pain is a global problem, affecting nearly one billion people.  Although the number one reason people go to a doctor is pain, there is little being done to really understand what pain is, applying science to change the way pain is treated and to ultimately realize a Cure!

What if we knew more? What if we understood better? What if we gave people living with pain … hope?

The Global Pain Initiative (GPI) is the solution to the huge public health challenges of pain as outlined in the Institute of Medicine’s landmark report, Relieving Pain in America:  A Blueprint for Transforming Prevention, Care, Education, and Research.

GPI is a global registry of people who live with chronic and constant pain.  We are developing revolutionary data collection tools to assist patients in communicating what their pain is, how it affects their mood and function, and how it affects their lives as well as their relationships with loved ones.

We partner with state-of-the-art technology groups and leading worldwide scientists to design and implement these data collection tools to create this unique data.  We fully expect that GPI will become the platform for “patient-centric data” (i.e., data from the people’s perspective), Changing the Face Of Pain.  Currently, no such people-centric data exists for those who must live with chronic pain.

GPI is passionate about our Mission … we strive to better understand the diagnosis and treatment of pain with the goal of developing a Cure!

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