Welcome to the Global Pain Initiative’s™ (GPI) Embassy of Ambassadors. We understand that not everyone has the heart for working as a volunteer. GPI applauds the willingness of our Ambassadors to give their time, talents, and share their personal pain journeys to this very worthy cause as a GPI Embassy member.  Please take a minute to read our Ambassadors’ stories and join our community of those who share.

Pain is a Global Issue.  Our Ambassadors are just a few of the voices of “The Faces of Pain™.”  They help us to raise public awareness of pain as a disease and, as such, there is a possibility for a cure.  We hope, through learning, you will be a part of the movement to drive toward such a cure.

Our Ambassadors create awareness as spokespeople for pain through their life stories.  This movement to push for a cure for chronic pain sufferers as well as educate the public on the availability of alternative treatments to opioids is the foundation of our goal for the Global Pain Initiative™.

Please consider joining our mission today.