GPI_logoWelcome to our Embassy.  Our Ambassadors are anxious to share with you their stories about chronic pain and we are excited to bring to you new technologies and treatments to further our movement toward a cure for chronic pain sufferers.  Please take a minute to read our Ambassadors’ stories.
Pain is a Global Issue.  These Ambassadors are the voices of “The Faces of Pain.”  They help us to raise public awareness of pain as a disease and, as such, there is a possibility for a cure.  We hope, through learning, we can be a part of the movement to drive toward such a cure.
Our Ambassadors create awareness as spokespeople for pain through their life stories.  This movement to push for a cure for chronic pain sufferers as well as educate the public on the availability of alternative treatments to opoiods is the foundation of our goal for the Global Pain Initiative.  Please consider donating to our mission today.  Your contributions are tax-deductible.