Interview with Diane Meyer Simon

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Interview with Diane Meyer Simon


by Daniel Bennett, MD

I had the pleasure of meeting with Diane Meyer Simon at her home in Indianapolis, IN, on a cold Saturday afternoon recently.   As we sat in the kitchen eating lunch, I had the opportunity to ask her some questions.   Here are some excerpts from our time together:

  1. You are the Founder and President Emeritus of Global Green USA ( and have worked tirelessly in the efforts to solve one of the most pressing problems of our time – Climate Change. How has this led you to Global Pain Initiative?

Well, the work I have done with Global Green USA was started by discussions I had with Mikael Gorbachev ( .  Climate change was the large picture, but ultimately ‘living green’ is really about sustainable solutions for people’s problems – affordable housing, better water, sustainable land that can produce food. So, although the mission of my first endeavor was to protect the earth, in effect it also advanced the quality of peoples lives.  So it’s a natural transition for me to focus my attention on a major issue, pain, that affects so many people around the globe.

  1. Where did your passion for those living with pain begin and how did it evolve?

Pain first crossed my life as a mom.  My children went through a period of very painful illness; watching how much they suffered during this time made me acutely aware of how devastating pain can be.  As any mother will tell you, seeing one or more of your children suffer is gut-wrenching – you want to do everything in your power to ‘take it away’.  We were fortunate to ultimately find a resolution.  As I have lived, my own experiences of multiple sclerosis, neuropathy and ultimately fibromyalgia have shaped how I view pain and the impact it has on others. 

  1. What excites you the most about the mission of Global Pain Initiative?

Several things.  First, the initiative is about hope.  Hope is vital; without it you simply give up.  Two, we are pushing for a cure – a cure for pain.  Cure is a whole new way of thinking when it comes to pain.  I have had so much success in my life with therapies that are leading to a cure, that I am convinced we must push everyone in that direction. Last, we are committed to learning about how pain affects each of us, individually.  It only makes sense to me, that until we understand how pain affects the individual person, we never will fully solve the problem; and as I said earlier, that is hope!

We are excited to welcome Diane Meyer Simon as an Ambassador for Global Pain Initiative.  Stay tuned for an upcoming video interview.