The Global Pain Initiative knows that you are the only person who can explain your pain experience and how it affects you on a daily basis.  To that end, we have created a series of tools that you can use to track your pain.  Day by day you create a time capsule of what you are experienced and whether your pain is changing for the better or the worse.  As you keep track of your treatment’s progress, you and your team together can come up with the best solution to control your pain.

Download the Pain Notebook here and keep track of  your daily activities and pain thresshold.  In addition, download your 2018 Pain Journal here and track all of  your data points so you will have a complete journal to take with you to your doctor visits to review.  Finally, download your Pain Diagram here to help you explain the types of pain you are suffering and pinpointing where they are.

All of these tools together will allow you to keep better track of your activities and pain points so that you can provide your healthcare provider with a clear vision of what you are experiencing.